Blog: Get to know new board member Terry Leasure

New board member Terry Leasure (right) pictured with wife Debbie (left) take in an Ohio State Football game together.

This past November, Circleville High School Alum (Class of 1972) Terry Leasure was named to the Circleville City School District Board of Education taking seat in January.

With one interaction with Leasure it is clear that he holds an immense sense of pride for his beloved hometown. And that should be of no surprise, as he is a lifelong resident, graduate, parent and grandparent who has raised three children and is now grandpa to seven grandchildren in Circleville.

Leasure and his wife Debbie, a 25.5-year educational support staff veteran in the district, even met in 1969 as 8th and 9th graders in the Circleville City School system.

Debbie (left) and Terry (right) attend Circleville High School prom in 1970.

“I come from the south end of Circleville,” said Leasure. “I played all three sports here, my kids all played, my brothers played, and I have lived here all my life – Circleville is my town. I had no desire to ever move from here. This is where my roots are. This is where my family is.”

Together, Terry and Debbie raised three Tiger graduates – Kym (Class of 1997), Kyle (Class of 2000), and Kaleigh (Class of 2004). In raising all three, Leasure is quick to recognize the tradition and legacy of support both he and his children have received as students within the school system he now helps to serve.

“Circleville has done a great job over the years with superintendents, principals, and assistant principals,” said Leasure. “I think they have wrapped themselves in good people and my hat is off to all of the board members over the years because they did their job and picked the right people to run this place. Circleville has a great staff.”

Beyond the positive experiences his own kids have had in Circleville City Schools, Leasure calls upon mentors such as Mr. Fritz Jacobs, Mr. Paul Sargeant, and Mr. Don Poling as supportive school affiliated influences on his upbringing.

Grounded in a strong philosophy of people-first and community involvement, Leasure believes in being a part of a school environment that is driven by an intent to use every resource necessary to preserve the future- helping students grow daily.

“I think we need to do whatever we can with all of the power have to keep kids educated, interested, and passionate about school,” said Leasure. “We have to get to them when they are young. I think the main thing is we have to get them interested in grade school (elementary) and keep them interested all the way through high school when they get their diploma. We must do whatever we can to put in their toolbox what is necessary to help them succeed in life. They are our future.”

Outside of school, Leasure enjoys volunteering to do the play-by-play for football and basketball games with CGTV5, watching the Ohio State Buckeyes, Cleveland Browns, and Cincinnati Reds, and spending time with his seven grandkids – Anniston Dunkle (age 15), Braxton Dunkle (age 13), Landyn Leasure (age 11), Claire Bower (age 10), Cade Bower (age 9), Jordan Leasure (age 8), and Brynlee Leasure (age 2). Leasure is a football coach of 49 years, baseball coach of 5 years, 6th grade basketball coach of 21 years, and has spent over two decades helping with alumni tournament and gate functions for Circleville Athletic events.

Terry is 1996 graduate of Columbus State with an Associate’s of Applied Science in Law Enforcement Technology, is in his 24th year as Community Work Hour Coordinator with the Pickaway County Probate and Juvenile Court, and has been recognized by the City of Circleville Park Board with his very own “Terry Leasure Day” (celebrated each June 5th in recognition of his 38 years of service to the community).