Health agencies announce changes to quarantine procedures in K-12 schools

Earlier this week, the Ohio Department of Education and Pickaway County Public Health announced updates to existing quarantine procedures for K-12 classrooms to reflect changes to CDC health guidance announced the Week of October 18th. 

Characterized by substantial changes to the COVID-19 quarantine process, key changes to K-12 classroom exposure include the following provided they have no symptoms:

  • Close contacts in a K-12 setting ONLY may attend school if they monitor for COVID-19 symptoms and wear a mask for:
    • 14 days if unvaccinated (can be reduced to 7 with negative PCR or antigen test performed 5-7 days after exposure) 
    • 14 days if vaccinated (can be reduced to 5 with negative PCR or antigen test performed 3-5 days after exposure) 
  • Unvaccinated close contacts can continue to participate in extracurricular activities if they follow the Ohio Department of Health’s “Test to Play” guidelines 

It is important to note that these changes reflect quarantine restrictions from K-12 classroom exposure only. In the event, the affected individual has been exposed outside of school or in the home they will need to quarantine even if there are no symptoms. 

Please Note: The tests referenced above are SARS-CoV-2 viral (PCR or antigen) tests. They should be proctored and cannot be an over the counter, at home test that was self-administered without a proctor.

For complete documentation on current changes, we encourage Tiger Families to review the links below at their convenience. 

COVID-19 Isolation and Quarantine Flow Chart for K-12

Mask to Stay/Test to Play Guidance from Ohio Department of Education