Circleville City starts Tiger Field renovations at The Savings Bank Stadium

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This week, Circleville City Schools began taking up the current sod at The Savings Bank Stadium as a part of a summer long renovation project.

The project, which is scheduled to be completed by Tuesday, August 10th, will render the facility inaccessible to the public as contractors work to replace the field. The field replacement was a part of our 2017 facilities plan at the recommendation of our facilities committee made up of staff, coaches, and community members.

Back in 2020, due to uneven playing surfaces from different types of native grass and drainage issues resulting in poor grading, the district consulted with Horticulture and Crop Science Specialists at The Ohio State University to evaluate the state of our current field and identified a sod replacement as the next logical step in assuring student-athlete and marching band musician safety.

The funding for this project has been saved through the years and will not negatively impact our general fund dollars now, or in the future, continuing to maintain a strong fiscal position and keep our 10+ year streak alive of not requesting funding from our awesome community members. It has always been our goal to create a top tier playing surface for our students that is safe and aesthetically pleasing and I think Tiger fans will see that in the Fall when they come to watch our student athletes compete and perform

The field project, funded by long range planning, will not impact the district’s general fund account continuing what has become a streak of over 10 years of refraining from going back to our taxpayers to ask for funding.

Overseeing the project is Ryan DeMay, owner and principal of Field Source, LLC who will manage the removal of existing sod, procurement of new sod and preparation of soil, and installation of the new sod at the center of the project. Hickory Valley Sod of Lancaster will produce our new playing and marching band surface.

It has always been the District’s goal to create a top tier playing and performing surface for our students that is safe and aesthetically pleasing. It is our hope that students, parents, and Tiger fans will see just that upon project completion this fall.