CHS English teacher Trace Hacquard to receive Doctorate (Ed.D) in Educational Leadership

This May, Trace Hacquard, a Logan High School graduate and current Circleville High School English Teacher, will graduate from Miami University earning a doctorate in Educational Leadership.

Hacquard’s dissertation was entitled “Boats Against the Current: A Case Study of A High-Poverty School’s Pursuit of Excellence” and examines the characteristics of a city school district that can impact and facilitate high student performance.

Some of the themes that emerged from his study were recognition of the uncontrollable, a culture of communication and collaboration, a culture of relationships, a culture of consistency, a culture of opportunity and growth, a culture of trust, and the advantages of new facilities. 

Hacquard said the decision to pursue the degree stemmed from the idea that education creates opportunities: “I grew up thinking that a kid from Rockbridge should be able to do anything they set their mind to. I still believe that, and that’s why I did all of this.” 

Currently an English teacher at Circleville High School, Hacquard spent 13 years teaching at Logan-Hocking Schools. 

“Completing this degree has allowed me to look back and really appreciate all of the individuals who have helped me along the way. Whether it was my friends and mentors at Logan or a professor at Rio Grande or OU, people in education have been outstanding at every stage of my life. And that starts with my parents, who are both educators that care quite deeply about making a difference. I don’t know what is next, where that is, or what it looks like. All I know is that I want to continue to fight for the underdog. And like Gatsby, I still believe in that green light.”

Circleville City Schools would like to congratulate Dr. Trace Hacquard on this outstanding accomplishment and for his work furthering research in the field of education to benefit students now and for years to come!