Circleville City named Top Energy Savings Performer by META Solutions

Circleville City Schools board president Tony Reeser receives the META Solutions energy commendation from Dynamix Energy Services Business Development Specialist Jon Saxton at the November meeting of the board of education.

Earlier this month at the November meeting of the Circleville City School District board of education, district leadership was recognized as being a top-rated ‘Energy Savings Performer’ among META Solutions and Dynamix Energy Services customers. At the November 18th public meeting at Circleville High Schol, Mr. Jon Saxton of Dynamix Energy Services, an affiliate of Veregy Corporation, commended the district for their excellence in energy efficiency and operational performance.

With an eye on sustainable and energy efficiency solutions for our school buildings, the district uses utility auditing and electric programs as a means of fine tuning facility energy performance to reduce usage and wear-and-tear on equipment. At the time of the district’s commendation, Circleville City’s usage for the 2020 year as measured in the annual Utility Auditing Report indicated that district is operating at a total cost per square foot of $0.78.

Under this criterion, our district is rated as a top performer in META’s Energy Program, receiving an Energy Grade of ‘A’ based on current electric and gas expenditures per square foot and also as measured by a mark of 34.78 Kbtu/square foot.

Back in 2017, school leaders and members of the Circleville City Schools board of education entered into a Retro-Commissioning and Energy Savings Project with Dynamix Energy Services in the amount of $464,000.

The scope of the Energy Savings Project impacted savings by:
• Optimizing lighting controls
• Reprogramming and adjusting control algorithms of the Air Handling Units throughout the district
• Retrofitting operations of the Geothermal System to operate more efficiently
• Reducing run- time hours for many of the Geothermal System components
• And by improving overall HVAC operations at all buildings in the district
The project as of November has resulted in an energy savings of 40% and the 2017 investment being recouped in less than three years.

Energy conservation and fiscal stewardship remain core values of board leadership and the district has also implemented additional conservation measures through the varying stages of the COVID-19 pandemic to reduce unnecessary energy usage to continue to strive to meet those goals.

To view the commendation from the November meeting of the board of education, see the video below for details (minute 2:30).

Major League Soccer and Wells Fargo name Circleville City’s Suzie Gerhardt Community MVP

This week, Major League Soccer and Wells Fargo announced that Circleville City Schools food services director Suzie Gerhardt has been named as one of 26 Community MVPs that were selected for making a positive impact during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In March of 2020, when state school closures turned the district into a remote learning school, many students and families worried where meals would come from. Within 72 hours, Gerhardt assembled a team to distribute meals in her community. From March 16th to June 22nd, Gerhardt purchased supplies, mobilized volunteers, and organized mobile meal deliveries to bring more than 105,000 meals to kids in the Circleville area.

This effort continues today, where her team has distributed an additional 12,000 meals on remote learning Fridays from August 25th-November 17th.

Created by Paul-Michael Ochoa. All rights exclusive to Paul-Michael Ochoa and Uploader: MLS Video Created Nov 16, 2020, 8:09 PM

Earlier this year, fans throughout the soccer community had the opportunity to nominate themselves or individuals who have provided critical services, including healthcare professionals, social workers, teachers, first responders and many other essential workers keeping our communities resilient and safe. At the local level, Suzie was selected by Columbus Crew SC as the club’s Community MVP designee.

Through the 2020 MLS WORKS Community MVPs Program presented by Wells Fargo, $2,500 will be donated to a charity on behalf of each Community MVP, one representing each MLS club, for going above and beyond to serve their communities during these challenging times.

For her charity of choice, Suzie is allocating her award donation to Circleville High School’s Club Future initiative, a Drug Free Clubs of America affiliated program that promotes students to lead a drug-free lifestyle through randomized opt-in drug testing. As members of the club, students receive incentives in the form of discounts and free appetizers at partner restaurants and businesses, memberships to different organizations, and snacks and ‘school swag’ on testing days.

Gerhardt will also receive a donation to a 501(c)(3) charity of their choice, a customized adidas MLS jersey and an MLS adidas 2020 NATIVO XXV Official Match Ball. Both items, Gerhardt has generously donated to the Circleville City School Foundation as items that can be bid on for their upcoming Raise Your Paw Auction in February with proceeds going to support student initiatives in the school district.

To read Suzie’s profile, award visit for additional information on this year’s Community MVPs.

On behalf of Circleville City Schools, we would like to congratulate Suzie and her entire food services team for their continued effort to make sure no child goes hungry during this pandemic, on remote learning days, and each day we are in school.