Circleville Elementary School receives $4,350 grant for Sensory Pathway from CCSF

Circleville Elementary School has received a $4,350 grant from the Circleville City School Foundation (CCSF) for two Sensory Pathways for the building.

The Sensory Motor Pathway is an evidenced-base tool for kids to improve their planning, motor skills, and sensory skills. It also addresses sensory connections in the brain such as sight, touch, balance, position and movement and more.

Peer-reviewed research conducted with control groups in other districts around the country have shown evidence of student academic improvement as a result of implementing sensory activities. Additionally, students with autism also benefit from sensory motor experiences as indicated in a student by Schaaf, et al (2013).

As Circleville Elementary School rolls out the new pathway, which was installed over winter break, the occupational and physical therapy teams have already begun integrating it into their work with students. However, it is important to note that this new initiative is not limited to students with plans in the coordinated services team’s caseload and is open to all students and classes as they walk by the pathway when they are in need of a brain break of simply to get the after-recess energy out!

Circleville City Schools would like to thank the Circleville City School Foundation for their unwavering support of our students and staff. We would also like to thank Circleville Elementary School assistant principal Tim Harris and coordinated services specialists Chelsea Scott and Rebekah Ashmore for their collaboration and work on the grant.

OhioHealth physical therapist Chelsea Scott explains how the pathway works in the video below.