Circleville Elementary launches girls leadership club


Circleville Elementary School – On Thursday, elementary girls in grades 3-5 held the first meeting of the League of Ladies (L.o.L.!) leadership club. The club was created as a forum for girls to become leaders and build upon leadership traits in their elementary school.

The club, funded by a Circleville City School Foundation grant, meets once a month and offers peer-building activities and curriculum aimed at empowering girls to become strong, smart, respectful leaders in their school and community. Further, the group will also be covering important topics on self-esteem, friendships, leadership, and compassion this year.

Today’s first lesson covered group introductions, complete with graphic organizers on the following prompts: compliments we have received and can give others, good qualities that my friends or family would use to describe me, what I like to do for fun, good deeds we have done for others, and one thing most people do not know about me. L.o.L. club members then practiced public speaking sharing their work with the nearly 80 girls in attendance on the first day of programming.img_4898.jpg

“We want these young women to know that who they are matters and their uniqueness is what makes them beautiful,” said 2nd grade teacher and co-organizer Mrs. McGinnis. “Our goal is to reach as many young ladies as possible [with this project].” 

Last year, Circleville Elementary School started a Tigers in Ties boys leadership group as well. If you or your child are interested in enrolling your child in either program see the resource links below and return a form to the office in advance of our next meeting.

Tigers in Ties – Grade 3-5 Boys Flier

League of Ladies Flier


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Vaping 101 for Families: Know the dangers and know the lingo

man in hoodie vaping

Last week Ohio governor Mike DeWine issued a release to schools regarding the vaping epidemic sweeping the nation and schools in recent years. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there was a 78% increase in high school student use from 2017 to 2018 (48% increase for middle school students during that time span).

As of today, in the wake of the CEO of Juul stepping down earlier this morning, there have been 10 confirmed cases in the state of Ohio of severe pulmonary illness likely due to vaping according to DeWine.

Numbers aside, from pods to Juul’s there is a lot of new terminology out there for parents to be aware of when it comes to talking with their kids about the dangers of vaping.

  • Juul – an e-cigarette company and brand. Devices are charged in a USB port (often charging in computer ports for ease of use). A Juul takes flavored liquid cartridges called pods.

  • Pods – come in a variety of flavor liquids and are inserted into e-cigarettes to produce different nicotine flavors. Some pods contain synthetic marijuana and come in flavors such as mango or mint.

  • Vaping – the act of inhaling vapor produced by an e-cigarette or similar device.

  • e-liquid – Often found to have toxic metals in the mixture, this “usually contains a propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin-based liquid with nicotine, flavoring and other chemicals and metals, but not tobacco” –

  • THC – the abbreviation of the molecule tetrahydrocannabinol, the chemical responsible for most of marijuana’s mind-altering effects found in the cannabis plant. THC laced products and liquids can be found in some pods.

From a school standpoint, both Circleville Middle School and Circleville High School utilize marketing materials from ‘The Real Cost’ campaign from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, our local county health commission, and “Start Talking Ohio’s” drug-free campaign from in our buildings and through school social media.

“It is important for families to monitor their student’s health and be on the lookout for signs of vaping,” said school nurse Jamie McKeivier. “Symptoms can look like a cough, shortness of breath, or chest pains at which point a student should see the school nurse or a medical professional.  If left untreated it can lead to serious lung issues as we have seen in cases across the state and country.”

Additionally, as brands of vapes and substance mixtures continue to evolve, we have clarified school policy in our student handbooks regarding possession, distribution, sale, and use of vapes in our schools and the consequences of such, specifically at the middle and high school level.

The Circleville City School District’s Board of Education is committed to providing students, staff, and visitors with a tobacco and smoke-free environment (po7434). The negative health effects of tobacco use for both users and nonusers, particularly in connection with second hand smoke, are well established. Further, providing a non-smoking and tobacco-free environment is consistent with the responsibilities of teachers and staff to be positive role models for our students.

For more information on warning signs, research, and health effects related to vaping and juuling, visit the

Circleville City Schools launches new volunteering platform for parents, community members

Classroom VIP

Today, Circleville City Schools announces that it has teamed up with the Background Investigation Bureau (BIB) to offer an additional volunteering pathway in the form of the Classroom VIP program.

Extended Volunteer

The Classroom VIP program, is aimed at finding volunteers for placements not to exceed

3 hours a week on campus. While more regular placements (over 3 hours per week) through our Extended Volunteer Program will still need to complete the BCI and FBI screening, the Classroom VIP program offers a heavily reduced rate of $19/year (down from $52 for a BCI/FBI for five years) and comes with a personalized I.D. and lanyard mailed to your door.

Volunteers with current background checks on file with BCI and FBI need only to apply for the $26 FBI screening every five years upon renewal. 

From reading with a student at Circleville Elementary School to middle school “1st Friday Events” and high school athletic contests, the Classroom VIP program is the perfect way to stay connected with our schools and make a positive impact in a child’s life.

Hosted through BIB’s Secure Volunteer platform, Classroom VIP is a turnkey solution that allows applicants to input and upload their personal data and sign any required forms for a low cost. Utilized in Hilliard City Schools and Dublin City Schools, districts in the Central Ohio area have used the platform to expand their volunteer family while also remaining diligent in the background check process.

Volunteer applicants can visit the Circleville City Schools branded Secure Volunteer website. From there, individuals will follow specific instructions for signing releases or authorizations, entering personal information and submitting payment. All data entry is handled by the volunteer applicant and automatically submitted to BIB for controlled processing.

To begin your Classroom VIP background check today, click on the link below and thank you for your willingness to be a part of the Tiger Family in 2019-2020. Go Tigers!