“Welcome to Studio 1209” and Tiger TV with Tiger Media Arts



Down the first floor academic wing at Circleville High School, tucked behind the library, lies Studio 1209 and the home of Tiger Media Arts.

Tiger Media Arts is a five-course, dynamic media program offered to students in grades 9-12 which encompasses: Media Arts 101, Tiger Graphic Design, Tiger TV, Yearbook, and Media Arts Capstone.

In the ‘beginner courses’, students work with Media Arts teacher Mrs. Monica Lombardo (Todisco) to develop photo editing, design, and layout skills in the Adobe Suite of programs. Later on, students bring their designs to life as they incorporate their PhotoShop skills into student-led video and multimedia production for athletics and their YouTube channel.

“The program was created with students in mind and was funded by a generous educational grant from the Circleville City School Foundation,” said Lombardo. “Principal Mr. Thornsley really pushed for this program as a means to give students 21st Century digital media skills and as a pathway to develop school culture and Tiger pride in the school.”

This past week, students in the Media Arts’ flagship program “Tiger TV” were hard at work creating the first television episode of the school year which is set to air next Friday, September 6th.

Tiger TV utilizes student anchors and rotating groups of photographers, video editors, producers, graphic artists, writers, and sound technicians to create weekly video announcements and segments to be played for the high school student body during homeroom.

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