Students study creativity and design at Circleville Elementary School


Career Connection Friday presenter Natale Ogle of Macy’s talks with students about fashion, her time at Ohio State, and careers in textile merchandising. 

Circleville Elementary School – The end of April is in sight and with it, another Career Connection Friday at CES!

If you are new to the Career Connection Friday fold in the building, the last Friday of each month serves as an opportunity to put an added emphasis on careers with our youngest Tigers and get them to be mindful at an early age of expanding their horizons and thinking about who they want to be when they grow up.


CES students also dressed up for the event like this Microsoft engineer in Kindergarten.

These days have featured a movement away from our traditional school day and towards a topical academic focus on careers marked by grade level assemblies, video reads of books with principal Mrs. Sims, and curriculum aligned to the day’s topic.

This month’s topic of Creativity and Design saw presenters from an array of fields including:

  • Shauna Goodhart – Healthcare Logistics
  • Bill Bender – The Sporting News
  • Paige Coombs – Coombs Custom Designs, and
  • Natale Ogle – Macy’s

The April 26th event also featured students and staff participating in a themed costume day for a career of their choosing.

In grade-level rotations, students traveled from station to station in the gym today to hear how creativity and design can be applied in different fields. Paige Coombs of Coombs Custom Designs spoke with students about


designing for home renovations with an interactive display that featured backsplash and paint samples in different settings. Shauna Goodhart of Healthcare Logistics spoke with students about designing print layouts, photography, and marketing materials.

At sportswriter Bill Bender’s station, students learned about how a teacher he had in grade school helped him develop a passion for writing and covering Ohio State sports. And finally, Natale Ogle showed students Macy’s textile samples and challenged students to design their own apparel with drawing paper.

Circleville Elementary would like to thank Healthcare Logistics, The Sporting News, Coombs Custom Designs, and Macy’s for loaning us their professionals for the day to make impactful career connections with our youngest Tigers today.