CES embraces careers through innovative Career Connection Fridays

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Fridays have a fresh new look at Circleville Elementary School this Fall.

Today marks the the first installment of “Career Connection Fridays”  at the PK-5 school as administrators and staff expose students to career readiness at an early age.

Today’s topical focus to kick off the event? Kindness.

In each classroom to start the day, students were played a video recording from principal Jill Sims who read aloud the book “Nobody by Erin Frankel. The story portrays a problem the main character Thomas is having with a fellow student at school who heckles him. After a series of conversations with his family, teachers, and friends, Thomas comes to the realization that he is unique like every one else on the planet and that the words of some one else cannot make him a nobody.

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Nobody by Erin Frankel

“I’ve decided that nobody can make me feel like a nobody. And there’s nothing wrong with being me ’cause I am a somebody” Thomas says in the book’s conclusion.

“Every one here is a some body” said Circleville Elementary School principal Jill Sims as she addressed each grade level in assemblies on Friday. 

During the assembly students were given a plastic cup and responded to a series of prompts to respond to by either crunching the cup as one would do with a stress ball to indicate a ‘yes’ answer or smoothing out the inside of the cup to indicate a ‘no’ answer. These scenarios were similar to experiences the character Thomas went through in the story they read interactively in their classrooms earlier in the morning. 2018-08-31 14_37_13-Window.png

Prompts included: Do others tease you? Have you been left out of games, activities, or eating lunch with other people? Have I shown kindness to others? And many more.

Her message simple, but effective – all of our students have talents and using kindness is our tool to getting the job we eventually want and making ourselves and others feel valued. We are all a somebody.

After the assembly, students returned to their classrooms where they worked collaboratively with their peers and their buddy class – a new mentor-based program with a younger grade level class – designing kindness projects for the year.


The Career Connections Friday job readiness initiative will return September 28th (with a theme of Careers in Agriculture) and will continue to occur on the last Friday of the month for the remainder of the school year. #CESTDl7z5WdUYAcUoSO.jpg

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