3 CHS students honored in 2017 Herald Pumpkin Show Art Contest


Circleville City Schools –  Circleville High School students – (Junior) Bea Benjapipatkul, (Sophomore) Krista Szymczak, and  (Senior) Lauria Chestna – were recently among the  county school district winners of the 2017 Circleville Herald Pumpkin Show Art Contest.

Student artwork will be published in this year’s 2017 Circleville Herald Pumpkin Show Edition primer. As an extension of the contest,  all three students will be awarded a $75 commission from area sponsors for the art work and will have their illustrations displayed at those sponsors’ place of business over the next few weeks.

Keep an eye out the next time you are at The Savings Bank (Benjapipatkul), Cooks Creek Golf Club (Chestna) , and Ohio University Chillicothe branch (Szymczak) for these student works of art.

Bea, Krista, and Lauria are all students of Mrs. Soni Grady at Circleville High School. Congratulations to these three Tigers on the honor!