Earning their Stripes: New CCS Staff takes part in 1st year orientation

Staff Orientation Photo.jpg

Circleville City Schools – Five days prior to the first day of school for Circleville City School students, new members of the Tiger staff arrived on campus for their first day of the 2017-18 academic year-signaling the district’s kick-off to a new academic campaign.

The 15 new additions participated in a new staff orientation where they took a campus and city tour, were introduced to our Tiger culture, and had a chance to build new working friendships with their peers.

Joining our dedicated team of educators this year are – Jason Beavers, Rachelle Zuniga, Danielle Wipert, Cody Jordan, Elwin Mills, Jason Pickelseimer, Sarah Stitt, John Raymond, Valery West, Aaron Conn, Laura Justice, April Ferguson, Mary Hay, Lisa Russell, and Pat Brooks.

New Circleville Elementary Intervention and Inclusion Specialist Sarah Stitt expressed her enthusiasm for her new Tiger home and the opportunity to build a report with her peers early on in the school year:

“I think its important we have a first day like this where new staff members are all together,” said Stitt. “Just to realize that there is that kind of community within the larger [school]community and get a chance to introduce yourself to them is great.”

From direct student instruction to whole child wraparound services, putting the right people in front of our kids is one of the most important things our district does. In each hire we look for highly-qualified individuals in their respective disciplines that share Circleville City Schools’ commitment and passion for taking our students to new heights.

“Hiring is the most important job we have in the district”, Assistant Superintendent Kyle Uhrig said. “Our collective mindset has always been that, “We invest in people not programs.”  It takes a ton of patience, proper screening, and analysis to make sure that we are getting the best people to serve our students and that is what I believe we have in this new group joining us this year.”

Circleville City Schools would like to welcome each of these individuals into our family and the district is excited to partner with them to take students to new heights this fall and in the months, years to come.